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Zack Anderson – Tarot Reader

Zack Anderson - Thoth Tarot ReaderUsing Tarot, Zack helps you find the answers to your questions, conceive of your next steps, and discover your place in the world. Through years of working with the Thoth Tarot as an Intuitive Reader, Zack Anderson has studied the ancient symbolism of the Qabalah, and learned to interpret this symbol set to our modern world.

Yes the Tarot, or the the ancient Book of Thoth, is an arcane subject.  Its messages are wrapped in riddles, symbols, metaphor, and allegory. Through working with the Thoth Tarot, and in-depth studies of the ancient symbolism of the Qabalah, Zack has the experience and knowledge to decipher these riddles. He combines his esoteric background as an ordained Deacon of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica and a longtime member of Ordo Templi Orientis with degrees in Child Development and Education.

Zack excels in finding ways to explain the Tarot in easy-to-understand, modern language, bringing the arcane knowledge of dusty old tomes to life and revealing the power of the Thoth Tarot as a powerful and practical tool. For the rest of this page, Zack talks on how he uses the Tarot, so if you want more info from the man himself, keep reading, or click here or use the button below to Book an in-store Reading with him today!


Thoth Tarot Phone Readings with Zack Anderson

If you don’t live nearby, you can still get the same great readings from Zack over the phone. We don’t do per minute over the phone, but the same standard lengths as our in-store readings, so there are no surprises in billing. Here are your options.
  • Basic Thoth Tarot Reading 15 minutes – Ask your burning Question and get 15 minutes to explore your options, barriers and opportunities. Or just get a quick check-in from the universe.
  • Full Thoth Tarot Reading 30 minutes – If you have a couple of questions and want to be able to go down the road and really dig into the root of an issue and actions you can take.
  • Focused Thoth Tarot Reading 45 minutes – If you have a burning question or a problem that won’t solve itself, Zack will use the Thoth and his intuition to find answers. Explore: love & relationships, careers & education, interpersonal conflict,  comparing choices, making money, and more.
  • Deep Thoth Tarot Reading 60 minutes – You have a complex situation or a lot of options to weigh. Zack has designed unique spreads to give you a map with directions on what’s going on, cautions for the different paths you might take, and time to get really clear.

For more detailed information about Zack’s phone readings, and to reserve your time, use the button below. Yes! We accept Paypal and all Major Credit Cards.

Thoth Tarot Phone Readings with Zack Anderson at Eye of Horus in Minneapolis


How do I use the Thoth Tarot?

Simply put: it depends on how you need me to use it!

If you are new to the Tarot, or just want to see how you are doing in general, I have spreads that look at the stages in your life and give advice for how to face the future.

If you have a burning question or a problem that won’t solve itself, we can use a variety of spreads that I have developed for different common questions: love & relationships, careers & education, interpersonal conflict, societal, legal, structural, and institutional challenges, psychological analysis, comparing choices, making money, and guiding children.

The Thoth Tarot is steeped in mysticism and magic, and so I also use it for help with planning ritual, communication with non-human intelligences, accessing intuition, and more.

The important thing to remember is that the Tarot is what we make it, and once you cut my deck, we can ask anything! The possibilities are infinite. You have the questions; I know how to ask them and interpret the answers. I have dedicated my life as a flame to guide people through the darkness, and I design every reading to help you understand yourself, your world, and the next step on your path.

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Tarot Ethics and What to Expect

aka How DON’T I use the Thoth Tarot?

  • I don’t use a jot of jargon.
  • I don’t assume you have any experience with Tarot.
  • I don’t judge you.
  • I don’t dance around an issue or sugarcoat a message.
  • I don’t discover “curses” that can be lifted for a “nominal fee” (although we can always use the Tarot to check, and if you actually ARE the subject of some malicious magic, I’ll tell you how to lift it for free).
  • I don’t predict disaster without arming you with knowledge and advice.
  • Most importantly, I don’t use the Tarot to pretend to answer questions that only you can answer for yourself. The Tarot won’t tell you who your soul-mate is, what major to pick, what job to take, but it will help you understand the choices and changes that you need to make to find those answers.

I never want a client to leave my table with fear in their hearts—I always strive for them to leave with hope in their hearts, armed with a plan and ready to face any obstacle.

What is the Thoth Tarot?

The deck that I use, the Thoth Tarot, is a modern upgrade to the classical Golden Dawn system of Tarot that most are familiar with. Designed by Aleister Crowley and painted by Lady Frieda Harris in the early 1940s, the Thoth Tarot is the most beautiful, erudite, complex, and passionately erotic Tarot deck yet devised. I have spent years studying the writings of Crowley and his influences, and have discovered some of the hidden, inner beauty of his system of Tarot. In turn, I developed my own system, incorporating commonly understood themes — from psychology, sociology, linguistics, politics, biology, and physics — with the Qabalah — the 32-fold framework of the Tree of Life.

The Tarot is divided into three parts: The Major Arcana (the ATU of Tahuti, or the Drumpfs), the Minor Arcana, and the Court Cards. The Major Arcana is a set of 22 archetypes—cards infused with the symbolism of the 12 symbols of the Zodiac, the 7 Classical Planets, and the 3 Elements of Fire, Water, and Air—that comprise a complete conceptual framework for all of human experience, psychology, religion, and physics known as the Qabalah.

The Classical Elements — Fire, Water, Air, and Earth — are central to the Thoth Tarot and in my system of interpretation, represent basic division of human consciousness.

Fire represents the spiritual essence, the True Will, the basic reason for our incarnation, our destiny. Fire is the suit of Wands, and is our imagination, our creative drive, our passion, and our intuition.

Water represents the emotions and the suit of Cups, and is thus the receptive part of our mind. Water is our reactions to the world. Water is Love and just as it is said that “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”, it is said that “Love is the law, love under will”, meaning that Love is the product of doing our True Will.

Air represents the intellect, the rational mind, the analytical processes. Air is how we interpret and understand, and how we plan and reflect. Air is the suit of Swords, so it is how we duel with others in our quest to fulfill our destiny.

Earth is the suit of Disks, and represents the material world. Money, careers, residence, property, and physical health all fall under Earth. Earth also represents manifestation—the process of making real our True Will, and turning our imagination, our feelings, and our thoughts into reality.

The Court Cards are the 16 interpolations of these elements, and the Minor Arcana are 40 cards, 10 per element, following the elemental process of creation from conception to manifestation. The 4 Aces are the pure Elements, and each of the rest of the 36 Minor Arcana cards represent an element and influence of a planet on a zodiacal sign, further illuminating the true nature of the card and giving us more tools to understand the mechanisms, motivations, and meanings of our actions and experiences.

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