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Van Van Spray - Pure Essential Oils House Blend - 2 oz

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Van Van Spray is a multi-purpose energy shifter, through its mercuric properties, gives a boost to positive energy: Love, Luck, Prosperity, Clarity and Protection. Prepared from a blend of organic essential oils of aromatic Oriental grasses, all-purpose Van Van is the preferred solution for setting the purpose for and blessing Amulets and Charms, use to bless a mojo bag and give it some extra umph, use on your doorstep to chase away bad energy and invite good energy in, use it in a space to shift the overall energy, use it in a doorway to invite good energy in, and minimize the effect of darker energies.

The organic essential oils in our Van Van Spray each focus on those energetic nudges and adjustments we all need, in a formula balanced to provide an overall synergy in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Clearing: Lemongrass is as key ingredient in Van Van, providing a powerful cut and clear effect. It cuts ties to bad energy, things that weigh you down, lose ends that snag and entangle you in old dramas. It also is a great for clarifying communications, closely linked to Mercury.
  • Protection: But it’s not enough to cut those connections which are harmful, you also need to clean your own aura and provide a protective barrier which is smart enough to keep the negative at bay and still draw good to us. One of the main ingredients in our Organic Van Van Oil does just that.
  • Luck: Use this oil to help you get to the tipping point towards the positive, as you open yourself up to receive and be more aware of good luck, you become much more attractive to friends, customers or potential lovers.
  • Love & Passion: Whether you are seeking the perfect partner, or your dream job, Van Van helps you connect with that ultimate force of creation which makes us bloom. With a touch of earthiness, our root chakra is activated by Van Van, mixing the physicality of Earth and the adoration of Venus energy to give our Formula depth and sensuality.

Our Van Van Spray Blend of Organic Essential Oils in a Vegan Spray Base is simply the highest quality all-purpose talisman and charm blessing spray we could devise. Not only is the Aloe Juice included in each bottle organic but all of the Essential Oils which go into the formulation are Organic, as well.

Van Van Spray is useful during Mercury Retrograde to reverse the effects of miscommunication, as well, so spray in work areas, near your desk, etc. Just spray a touch of mist, you don't need to drench anything.