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Tiger Eye Tumbled - Medium

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Tiger Eye is a versatile stone characterized by bands of yellow-brown or gold that shimmer in light (a property called chatoyancy).

Metaphysically, it is an excellent stone for physical health, strength, and vitality. However, it's strongest metaphysical property is its ability to help achieve balance of all kinds, whether that is physical, emotional, or spiritual.

  • It helps us moderate the extremes in our life and can help in finding a balance or harmony between two people with different viewpoints.
  • It helps to encourage fairness and practicality in both our personal lives and in our relationships with others.
  • It is tied to the elements of fire and earth, and it resonates strongest with the 1st (root), 2nd (sacral) and 3rd (solar plexus) chakras.

Stone selection is random and sizes may vary.