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Tarot Rituals: Ceremonies, Ideas & Experiences for the Tarot Lover by Nancy Antenucci

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Improve your connection to spirit, make special occasions more meaningful, and become a better tarot reader with nearly 100 rituals, spreads, and exercises. Tarot expert Nancy Antenucci presents the fundamentals of ritual practice and then applies them to all 78 cards, showing you how to enjoy a plethora of group and solitary tarot rituals. You'll even learn how to create your own rituals.

Discover rituals for the solo reader, such as the Ritual of Expression. Explore group rituals, including the Icebreaker Ritual and the Seer Circle Ritual. This book also features rituals for giving readings, rituals for birthdays and sabbats, and rituals for formal events like blessings and weddings. Drawing on 30 years of experience, Nancy presents the alchemy of ritual and tarot―a powerful combination that can transform your practice and life.

About the Author

Nancy C. Antenucci (Nucc) is a seasoned tarot reader as well as a teacher of visionary strategies. Her innovative take on tarot makes her a highly sought-after teacher and presenter around the country and internationally. Her first book, Psychic Tarot, is a culmination of her teaching and mentoring, practical know-how, and unending passion of tarot. Nucc is the founder of Minnesota's Twin Cities Tarot Collective, which produces the annual North Star Tarot conference.

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