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Open Friday-Sunday from 12pm-7pm & Monday-Thursday from 12pm-6pm

Summer School 2023


We are excited to announce our HUGE Summer School Catalog, full of classes, workshops, and special events all season long. Scroll down to check out our offerings! You can always click here to see our full schedule of events, classes, and workshops. Seats are limited, so sign up ASAP!

Aa reminder: ALL of our classes, events, & workshops (as well as all of our Intuitive Readings and everything else at The Eye) are Accessible & Inclusive. Please contact us if you require accommodations or assistance with registering for or attending any of our events or services.

Please noteclass and event registration is now on the same scheduling system as our Intuitive Readings, please use the links provided below to register. Please read our updated Event Attendance & Cancellation Policy at the end of this message. If you have any difficulties registering for a class, please call us at 612 872-1292.


Intuitive AF! Series with Vina Chalicevinachalice.png

Do you ever just know, without any evidence or proof? Are you feeling like the Universe is trying to tell you something? Do your dreams just happen to come true more often than not? Have you wondered if your Spirit Guides are screaming at you to listen? YOU might be Intuitive AF! This 6-part series is for you!

6/15 Week 1: Create an Inner Space to Welcome in your Spirit Guides

Discover the art of creating a sacred inner space to connect and invite your spirit guides into your life. Through a guided channeled exercise, you will learn techniques to cultivate a deep sense of inner peace, open pathways for spiritual guidance, and foster a harmonious relationship with your spirit guides for support and guidance on your life's journey.

6/22 Week 2: Connect with your Energy Body to Raise your Vibration

It's time to delve into the realm of energy work and learn how to connect with your energy body to elevate your vibrational frequency. Through a channeled experience, you will explore techniques to scan your energy and drop into your soul's connection. This will help you feel more grounded, clear, and connected.

6/29 Week 3: Stop Overthinking & Trust your Intuition

You're already intuitive, now it's time to clear out the mental chatter of self-doubt and fear. Let's look at limiting beliefs and learn to let go of overthinking and embrace the intuitive wisdom within you. Reframe the way you pray so that puts you into a receptive state of accessing your soul's power and inner wisdom. Break free from the cycle of overthinking and embracing the guidance of your intuition.

7/6 Week 4: Be More Intuitive AF using Oracle Cards

Ready to become even more Intuitive AF? Learn how to trust yourself and not second guess yourself using oracle cards as a divination tool to connect with your inner wisdom.

7/13 Week 5: Use a Pendulum to Set your Sacred Intentions

Supercharge your intention setting by using a pendulum. Explore the art of divination as you learn how to harness the pendulum's energy to align with your higher self and set sacred intentions. This will amplify your intuitive abilities, tap into your subconscious wisdom, and manifest your desires with clarity and purpose.

7/20 Week 6: Be in a Flow State

In this guided channeling experience, you can learn to tap into your natural state of flow, and unlock your full potential to be in a present state of mind where you are in connection to your mind, heart, and spirit's wisdom.

Sign up for them individually or sign up for all, your choice!

Vina Chalice (she/her) is a spirit guide channel and sound frequency healer. She offers psychic guidance and intuitive experiences to help you connect with your inner being where your soul power resides.

6 Thursdays in a row, beginning June 15. 5-6 pm
$35 per session; sign up for all of them or pick and choose!

Accessible & Inclusive
Space is limited, so register today!

The Moon Sign in Your Chart with Cathy Gnatek + New Moon Ritual with Thraicie Hawknercathygnatek.png

We all think about Astrology in terms of our Sun Sign, but what about our Moon Sign? The Moon in our charts speaks to the softer part of our personality, what makes us feel emotionally safe and secure. Understanding our moon sign and the moon sign of our partners and friends can help us heal our wounds and learn what others need when they are feeling sad or in need of some help. Cathy and Thraicie are coming together to teach the astrology of the Moon and a New Moon Ritual. We’ll talk about the Moon in all of the signs, the different Moon Phases, and, if there is time, the Progressed Moon as well. Thraicie will close the evening by teaching a New Moon ritual to prepare us all for the New Moon on July 17. Bring your chart information (birth date, time, and location) and we may use your chart as an example in class.

Participants will receive a bottle of The Eye's house blend New Moon Ritual Oil as part of the class.

Cathy Gnatek (rhymes with "fanatic"; she/her) is a Hellenistic Astrologer who has a private practice in St. Paul. She brings the depth and wisdom gained from a lifetime of spiritual seeking to her teaching, no doubt because she is a Scorpio rising with Rahu in Gemini in the 8th and Mercury, Uranus, Pluto, and Sun conjoining her Virgo MC. A former trial lawyer with a master’s in clinical psychology, she is an engaging and compassionate teacher (Venus in Leo in the 10th; Neptune in the 1st exactly trine Chiron). She is a former Board Member for the Minnesota Jung Association, Treasurer-elect for the Organization for Professional Astrology (“OPA”), and an Editor for the Evolving Astrologer magazine. For more information, visit

If you want a personal reading with Cathy, schedule your appointment today!  

Friday, July 14, 5-7 pm

Accessible & Inclusive 
Space is limited, so register today!

Intro to Energy Work & Psychic Self-Defense with Bo Jacisinbojacisin.png

Students will be given the tools and information that will allow them to lay the groundwork for a greater control of their own energy. They will learn to create psychic defenses to avoid energetic overload, bad vibes, control over any empathic abilities, and will be able to handle the loud energetic and emotional "noise" of crowds. This class will equip you with the basics of meditation, internal and body awareness, coupled with techniques to manage stressful sensory information through a spiritual lens in order to set effective psychic, spiritual and mental boundaries. 

Bo Jacisin (he/him) has been studying and practicing energy work since 2007. During this time the focus of his study has been on cultivating a psychic self defense practice for the protection of individuals and the spaces they occupy. This practice evolved into a system that can be taught and practiced effectively by anyone, and one of his aims is to spread and further this idea through teaching and hopefully to see it grow and change through the experience of those who learn it. In addition, he has a Tarot practice: First Light Spirit Services, and is also available for home and office energy clearing, ghostbusting, and energetic object cleansing.

If you want a personal reading with Bo, schedule your appointment today!  

Saturday, July 15, 5-7 pm

Accessible & Inclusive
Space is limited, so register today!

Journaling as Ritual with Heather Bauerheatherbauer.png

Ritual is defined as “a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.” Have you ever wanted to start journaling, but are unsure where to start or how it can be an essential part of your spiritual practice? In this class, we will explore the basics of journaling and how to make it a ritual.

This class covers types of journaling, the tools, creating your space/altar, stones to work with for journaling, and post-ritual care. There will be writing instruments available for use during class, resources for writing prompts, and a practice journaling group ritual.

Heather Bauer (she/her) is a collector of journals, jars, rocks, and buttons. She is a tree-hugging, ancestral venerating kind of witch as well as a writer, and photographer. In her free time, you can find her in the woods, visiting her Aunt Sarah’s favorite tree, or spending time with her daughter and granddaughters. After 30+ years in Colorado, she recently moved back to her home state of Minnesota. Ya, you betcha!

Friday, July 21, 5-7 pm
$60 (optional blank journal available as an add-on when you register)

Accessible & Inclusive 
Space is limited, so register today!

Spiritual Healing from Narcisstic Trauma with Melissa Personsmelissapersons.png

This course is open to individuals who have experienced narcissistic abuse and are seeking a holistic approach to healing that incorporates spiritual principles. It is suitable for those at various stages of recovery, from those who are newly out of an abusive relationship to those who have been on their healing journey for some time. This course aims to empower participants to embark on a transformative journey towards healing, self-discovery, and reclaiming their sense of self-worth.

By the end of this course, participants will have gained a deeper understanding of narcissistic abuse, developed spiritual tools for healing, and be well-equipped to continue their journey of self-discovery and personal growth beyond the course. The course aims to provide a safe and nurturing space for participants to heal, connect with like-minded individuals, and cultivate a resilient and empowered mindset.

Join Navigating a Narcissistic Relationship: Reaching an Understanding Facebook Group for more resources and information!

Hi, I’m Mel! (she/her) I have been through parental and romantic relationships with high-conflict and narcissistic people. As a highly-sensitive person, I experience emotions intensely throughout my body. The self-doubt and constant ruminating were developed and nurtured during my upbringing. I had all the rays of shame and went down into a deep depression that led to my dark night of the soul. Using my doctorate in education, my specialist degree in the supervision of instruction, the mastery of how to navigate narcissistic relationships, and my spiritual awakening, I have built and created The Sovereign Spirit program with love and tenderness of the sensitive topic at heart. I have developed The Sovereign Spirit to help individuals transcend beyond the holds of a narcissistic relationship.

Sunday, July 23, 1-3 pm

Accessible & Inclusive 
Space is limited, so register today!

Illuminate Your Fate with Hermes and Apollo with Ursula Zankursulazank.png

Χαίρετε! In this two-hour workshop, we will be discussing the connection between Hermes, Apollo and Ancient Greek divination in-depth, with alumni Eye tarot reader and lifelong classics enthusiast Ursula Zank.
In the first half, we will go over the history behind Apollo and Hermes, as well as recount some mythology starring the two. After a short break, we will come back to focus on Apollo’s sacred Oracle at Delphi, and how she revealed His prophecy.

Ursula Zank (she/her) first gained an appreciation for mythology at age 10, when a skeptical librarian questioned her ability to finish The Odyssey during her allotted two weeks. This has, in the intervening 18 years, spiraled out of control, and now she’s a full-fledged, tarot-reading, Hermes-worshipping former-classics-major.

Sunday, July 23, 4-6 pm

Accessible & Inclusive
Space is limited, so register today!

After Hours Psychic Gallery Reading LIVE with Special Guest RevPayshence Carrpayshencecarr.png

Join us after The Eye Closes for an evening with Intuitive Psychic RevPayshence Carr. Experience the power of mediumship, prescience and prophecy in a fun, interactive, large group reading. Come prepared to submit your question, and to have your head blown by the answer. If you've been waiting for the right time to reach out beyond the veil and to see what messages await you from the other side, don't wait anymore! Seats are limited, register today & bring your friends for a Mystical night you'll never forget!

RevPayshence (she/her) is an Internationally known Spiritualist/Psychic Medium, Paranormal Consultant/Investigator, Spiritual Life Coach/Advisor, Natural Health Coach, and Teacher of Folk Magic. She has been an Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church since 2001. She's been a certified Natural Health Coach through Phi Wellness Academy since 2020. Her expertise is in Natural Health Coaching, Psychic Mediumship/Spiritualism, and has been dealing with the Paranormal for over 20 years.

Friday, July 28, 7 pm (arrive by 6:45; doors CLOSE at 7!)
$40 if you pre-register ($50 at the door)

Ages 18+ only. Accessible & Inclusive
Space is limited, so register today!

Intro to Crystal Energy Healing with Jackie Wildstarjackiewildstar.png

Let’s have fun while learning about crystals and how they can support us on our journeys! This class will largely focus on crystal healing for the Self, in a variety of applications. We will get very interactive, and will be working with our chakras, various subtle bodies, and practicing energy work with crystals. clearing our energy, grounding, ways to work with crystals for specific issues in our bodies and lives, how to turn crystal jewelry into talismans for wearable, everyday support, using crystal wands, tumbles, and specific special aspects of crystals carved into a variety of shapes! We will go over crystal cleansing and programming techniques (which will NOT involve cultural appropriation), covering a variety of methods as some won’t work for everyone, and accessibility for all is my goal in sharing crystal knowledge! Come with all of your questions! We will have fun, will be moving our bodies, (standing is not required) and getting close and personal with these amazing gifts of the Earth and their energies! Come with an open mind, and leave with a full heart and loads of ideas! This will include a laying down, guided meditation, so bring a yoga mat or whatever makes you feel comfortable lying on the floor for about 20-30 minutes. Accessible options available for those who cannot lay down, please let us know ahead of time! Please note that this will be a scent free/smoke free class, minus the usage of 100% pure frankincense essential oil.

Jackie Wildstar (she/her/they/them) is a disabled Queer non-binary femme who has over twenty years of experience working with crystals, meditation, energy work, and all things metaphysical. A self-described animal nerd who used to work and teach with horses, she is currently training her second service dog, Ishtar. They strongly believe that crystals are beloved gifts of the earth that are meant to be used for healing and consciousness raising of humanity, as a whole. As a person with disabilities it is their goal to make the dynamic healing energies of crystals as accessible as possible for all.

Saturday, July 29, 2-5 pm
3-Crystal set (Quartz, black tourmaline, & selenite) FREE w/registration.
Optional 7-Crystal Chakra set available as an add-on at checkout for $7.77

Accessible & Inclusive
Space is limited, so register today!

Tarot 101 with Cassandra Snowcassandrasnow.png

Are you curious about how reading tarot works and what it’s all about? Maybe you’ve picked up a deck recently and have no idea what you’re doing and are looking for guidance on which way to go with the cards. Maybe you want to learn as much as you can about tarot but you’re worried about finding yourself and the things YOU value in them. Tarot 101 with Cassandra Snow meets these queries by making you the star of your own tarot learning process while giving you plenty of structure and meat to play with. In other words, this class is a perfect fit for any beginners ready to jump in!

In this class you’ll learn basic framework about the cards, get common tarot myths busted for you, and figure out what it all looks like when you’re actually reading. You’ll also be asked to use YOUR skill set, values and creativity to name and “set” ideas for these cards that you’ll be able to grow on exponentially as you work with them. We’ll touch on tarot history and tradition but focus on bringing these cards into today in a way that is fun, accessible, and thought-provoking.

Please bring your tarot cards and things to take notes or do some tarot journaling with. Other than that, all ya need is an open mind and the willingness to think critically and creatively. This is an ideal class for people who are often excluded or put off by mainstream tarot conversations or for whom learning via rote memorization feels overwhelming.

Cassandra Snow (they/them) is the tarot fanatic most well known for their books which include Queering the Tarot and most recently, Lessons From the Empress which they co-wrote with Siri Vincent Plouff. Cassandra has been reading tarot and practicing witchcraft in some capacity for two decades, and has gone pro for close to 15 years. Teaching tarot is a passion of theirs, and they’ve taught everywhere from here at The Eye to regional public libraries to the Rose Academy of Burlesque. Cassandra strives to be welcoming, informative and generous to class attendees while keeping things light-hearted (even when we’re diving into deep subjects).

Access is one of Cassandra’s key values as a person, so if you’re worried about being able to get the full benefit of this class because of disability (or any other reason), please reach out so we can work something out. Furthermore, Cassandra hates white supremacy, fatphobia, queerphobia and ableism. If those things feel like issues for you, they are probably not your best teacher.

Sunday, July 30, 1-4 pm

Accessible & Inclusive
Space is limited, so register today!

Ask a Freemason with Peter Tomlinsonpetertomlinson.png

You won't want to miss "Ask a Freemason," a free educational event sponsored by The Eye! We have the opportunity to meet Brother Peter Tomlinson, who will be available to answer your questions, share Masonic lore, history, & show some authentic artifacts. Discover the true esoteric essence of Freemasonry, gain understanding of Masonic practices, get a glimpse behind the veil of the Workings of a Lodge, and uncover the purpose behind this ancient brotherhood. Whether you're interested in becoming a Mason yourself, or just want to know what the big mystery is all about, this free event is for you! Join us as we unravel the mysteries and shed light on the significance of Freemasonry. A one-of-a-kind night!

Peter Tomlinson (he/him), 32° K.C.C.H (Knight Commander of the Court of Honor), has been a Mason for over 27 years. He has been the Librarian of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Temple in Minneapolis for 20 years. As an Initiator, he has performed close to 700 Initiations. He has been a practicing Magician for over 30 years.

Friday, August 11, 5-6 pm

Accessible & Inclusive
Space is limited, so register today!

Discover the ancient wisdom of Hermetic Qabalah in this illuminating 2-hour class! Follow Frater AAA up the paths of Tree of Life, unraveling its secrets of its ten Sephirot and twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Learn the foundational principles of Hermetic Qabalah, and explore how to utilize the attributions in Crowley's 777 in your Magic, Tarot, and esoteric philosophy. Gain an understanding of how the Tree of Life serves as both a model of consciousness and a reflection of the universe itself. As you navigate this mystical diagram, you'll uncover its universal significance as a road map to enlightenment. Whether you're a seasoned seeker or new to the mystical arts, this class offers an accessible and enlightening exploration of Hermetic Qabalah that will leave a profound mark on your spiritual journey.
Frater AAA (he/him) is an Initiate of Ordo Templi Orientis where he currently serves as national Initiation Secretary, an ordained Priest of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, and has been studying and teaching Qabalah for almost 20 years.
Saturday August 19th 5-7 pm

Psychic Sunday at The Eye!psychicsunday.png

You didn't think we'd let the summer pass by without one of our oldest traditions at The Eye, did you? Psychic Sunday is BACK! We will have 5 different Psychic Readers in the house, offering a variety of Intuitive Services, at the discounted rate of $2/min (in 15 minute increments). Try out several providers to get a rounded perspective, or take advantage of the savings and go as long and as deep as you need to with your favorite reader!

BONUS: Everyone who pre-registers* by August 15th will automatically be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate! We will do the drawing before we open that day so one of you lucky people can have a prize waiting behind the counter. Don't wait until then though, we tend to book up quick on Psychic Sundays!

Of course, you don't HAVE to pre-register: we love walk-ins too! With 5 different readers to choose from, you're sure to have a great time.

So far, we have High Priestess/CEO of The Eye, Thraicie Hawkner (she/her) offering Tarot and Theban Runes, J.Ryan (he/him) of tarotdivergent offering Tarot, Palm, Crystal Ball Gazing, & Mediumship, and Zack Anderson (he/him), co-host of Smart Ass Tarot offering Thoth Tarot (other readers to be announced by 7/1).

*Registration opens 7/20, watch our Newsletter and socials for further details.

Sunday, August 20, 12-5 pm

Accessible & Inclusive 
Can't wait? Book a reading anytime!

Monthly Workshop: Astro Loungeastrolounge.png

Bring your birth chart on the first Sunday of each month for this interactive workshop! Meet astrologers of all experience levels and discuss the current Astro weather, transits and celestial events that maybe influencing your chart, and even ask some of those nagging questions about what all those little lines in the middle of your chart mean! We will have a rotating cast of professional astrologers as Guest Facilitators, so you'll be sure to get different perspectives to help you build your own system!

July's Astro Lounge will be led by Hellenistic Astrologer Cathy Gnatek (she/her). For more information, visit Cathy's page.

Begins Sunday, July 2, 1-3 pm

Accessible & Inclusive 
Space is limited, so register today!

Monthly Workshop: Energy Workers Unionenergyworkersunion.png

Every last Friday of the month, get in sync with this interactive group meetup, open to Energy Workers of all modalities! Bring your hands, bring your crystals, bring your wands, or whatever else you're into, and join the prana/qi/reiki/orgone energy flow! We welcome you to come in to learn new tricks, practice on the Willing, network with colleagues, or just chat and soak up the vibes! Bo, veteran Intuitive Reader and teacher at The Eye, will be on hand to answer any questions and help keep that energy grounded and flowing.

Bo Jacisin (he/him) been studying and practicing energy work since 2007. In addition, he has a Tarot practice: First Light Spirit Services and is also available for home and office energy clearing, ghostbusting, and energetic object cleansing.

If you want a personal reading with Bo, schedule your appointment today!  

Begins Friday, June 30, 5-7 pm

Accessible & Inclusive
Space is limited, so register today!

Monthly Workshop: Tarot Sandboxtarotsandbox.png

Are you looking for other tarot readers and fans to meet and learn with? Then do we have an event for you!

Every second Sunday of the month at The Eye, come down for our Tarot Sandbox. Facilitated by Nancy Antenucci (she/her), author of Psychic Tarot and Tarot Rituals, this experience aims to provide tarot fans a space to play and experiment, as well as to trade notes with other readers. Tarot students of any level are welcome, from those just starting out to veteran readers. Come have some tarot fun!

Please note: June's Tarot Sandbox will be led by Guest Facilitator Meg Miller.

Continues Sunday, June 11, 4-6 pm

Accessible & Inclusive
Space is limited, so register today!


Class Attendance & Cancellation Policy*
This event used to be "suggested donation", what happened? 

We have changed the way that events are scheduled, paid for, and tracked. Unfortunately, our automated scheduling system does not support sliding scale payment options. All of our Workshops are now $15. If you have other arrangements with the Facilitator, they will have to let us know ahead of time.

I accidentally signed up for the wrong class/night!
RELAX! Don't panic, we're cool! Just call us at 612-872-1292 and we will make sure your registration transfers to the correct class, and will process additional payment or a refund if required.

I changed my mind, I want a refund.
We have a 48 hour "Buyer's Remorse" grace period. If you wake up tomorrow and change your mind, we will process your refund. After 48 hours, we will have already processed your payment, and any refund issued will be in store credit.

I want to transfer my ticket to someone else.
Call the store, we will assist you.

I'm running late, will I still be able to attend?
Call the store. Each Instructor/Facilitator/Special Guest will have different requirements, we will try to work to find a solution. If we are not able to interrupt a class in session, and if you call the shop or show up before the class is over, we will convert your registration fee to store credit.

An emergency came up, I can't attend the event!
Call the store before the event, we are understanding people. We can transfer your registration fee to another event, or turn it into store credit. We are a small business, and cannot process refunds after the 48-hour grace period.

I forgot/overslept/blew it off.
We're sorry. We will be unable to process any form of refund for "No Call, No Show" registrations. Note that our scheduling system will send you automated reminders before the event.

*You will be asked to accept our full terms and conditions when you register for any class