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Spring Cleaning Kit

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Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to usher in the new season than with our limited edition Spring Cleaning Kit? This magical kit includes a green chime candle and candle holder, orange calcite, a bag of lemongrass, and our exclusive Spring Spritz Spray developed just for this season! The Spring Spritz Spray is specially formulated to refresh and cleanse your space, while the green chime candle and orange calcite can help bring in prosperity and abundance during this season of growth and renewal both in our spaces and within ourselves.  

The Spring Spritz spray is formulated with hyssop, sage, peppermint, gardenia and lemon in a vegan spray base to clear out old energies and bring fresh and bright energy into your space, 

A green chime candle and holder for inviting in earth energy, prosperity, growth and uplifting positive energy into your present and future,

Lemongrass for clearing away jinxes and stagnant energy, removing evil, solidifying protection, inviting prosperity and boosting luck in your space and life,

Orange calcite for cleansing energies, fueling creativity and supporting moving the mind into action and deeping connections to spirit. Soothes the mind, enhances memory and awakens insights.