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Remote Readings with Zack Anderson (Thoth Tarot)

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Using Tarot, Zack helps you find the answers to your questions, conceive of your next steps, and discover your place in the world. Through years of working with the Thoth Tarot as an Intuitive Reader, Zack Anderson has studied the ancient symbolism of the Qabalah, and learned to interpret this symbol set to our modern world.

Yes the Tarot, or the the ancient Book of Thoth, is an arcane subject. Its messages are wrapped in riddles, symbols, metaphor, and allegory. Through working with the Thoth Tarot, and in-depth studies of the ancient symbolism of the Qabalah, Zack has the experience and knowledge to decipher these riddles. Zack excels in finding ways to explain the Tarot in easy-to-understand, modern language, bringing the arcane knowledge of dusty old tomes to life and revealing the power of the Thoth Tarot as a powerful and practical tool.

Zack Explains How He Uses the Thoth Tarot
If you are new to the Tarot, or just want to see how you are doing in general, I have spreads that look at the stages in your life and give advice for how to face the future.

If you have a burning question or a problem that won’t solve itself, we can use a variety of spreads that I have developed for different common questions: love & relationships, careers & education, interpersonal conflict, societal, legal, structural, and institutional challenges, personal process analysis, comparing choices, making money, and guiding children.

The Thoth Tarot is steeped in mysticism and magic, and so I also use it for help with planning ritual, communication with non-human intelligences, accessing intuition, and more.

For a phone reading, the important thing to remember is that the Tarot is what we make it, and once I cut my deck, we can ask anything! The possibilities are infinite. You have the questions; I know how to ask them and interpret the answers. I have dedicated my life to serve as a flame to guide people through the darkness, and I design every reading to help you understand yourself, your world, and the next step on your path.

About your Phone Reading
Each individual reader sets their own times for readings, and these may vary from day to day. When you sign up for your phone reading, you'll be contacted over e-mail or phone to set up a time for the reader to call you. Because each reader controls their own schedule, we cannot guarantee specific times, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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    Posted by Doc Murphy Pizza on Nov 20th 2021

    Zack's the best. Deep and insightful without being esoteric and inaccessible, works the complexities of an issue down to straightforward advice. Thanks much, Zack.