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Our Readers & Services

If you are interested in intuitive readings, we have become the premier service provider in the Twin Cities, with daily readings, regular Psychic Fairs, classes and more. PLEASE NOTE: All customers 16 years and younger MUST be accompanied by an adult during their reading unless we receive written permission from a legal guardian.

Our Readers

Intuitive readings are, by their very nature, different in style and technique between readers. Not all of our readers at The Eye read cards. Some are psychic mediums, palm readers, numerologists or astrologers. Our readers have set hours, but may also be available by scheduled appointment for longer readings. All subscribe to our code of ethics, and they all agree . . . they help you not to see some fated future, but the possibilities based on the energies at work in your life.

Meet Our Readers

 Beth Hansen                  Tarot; Faery Oracle; Reiki
For Beth, every reading is a guide to creating your path, bringing together the past and the future into the present moment. Whether reading tarot cards or doing remote reiki sessions, her mission is to help you make the best decisions for a healthy and happy life… read more
Click to schedule in-person and phone readings with Beth

 W,, Th, Sat:12-6;   
 2nd and 4th Sun: 12-7                      

 Zack Anderson Thoth Tarot
Zack excels in finding ways to explain the Tarot in easy-to-understand, modern language, bringing the arcane knowledge of dusty old tomes to life and revealing the power of the Thoth Tarot as a powerful and practical tool... read more
Click to schedule in-person and phone readings with Zack  M, Th: 12-6;
 F, Sat, Sun: 12-7
 J Ryan   Tarot, Palm Readings, Crystal Ball Gazing, Mediumship
A tarot reader for nearly two decades, J Ryan uses tarot as a tool to help people map out their goals and avoid pitfalls. As a queer, pagan creative living and thriving with ADHD, J. Ryan often works with similar clients to make maps of their own…read more
Click to schedule in-person, phone/video chat and email readings with J. Ryan  M, W, Th:12-6;
 F: 12-7
 Johnny Gayzmonic   Tarot, Harrow Oracle
Johnny views tarot as an art, and he sees each reading as its own story and song. Delivered with a mix of spirituality, wisdom, myth, humor, and pop culture savvy, Johnny’s readings hope to give you the knowledge to get the future you’re hoping for…read more
 Click to schedule in-person, phone, or email readings with Johnny  Tu: 12-6
 Bo Jacisin Tarot; Energy Coaching
Bo looks at readings like he is deciphering a map. His goal is to help people navigate both what is seen and what is unseen. A Tarot Reading should clarify the terrain and obstacles on your current path, offer alternate routes, and reveal what resources you need for the road ahead… read more
Click to schedule in-person, phone/video chat or email readings with Bo  M, Tu: 1:30-5:30 (remote only)
 Cassandra Snow                    Tarot
Cassandra offers frank, compassionate tarot card readings and intuitive guidance. They started predicting future outcomes and making eerie insights at a young age, and finally picked up and started channeling this ability through tarot over a decade ago. Their psychic style and influences are eclectic… read more.
On leave  On leave
 Chuck Kausalik-Boe                           Tarot and Reiki
Chuck has been a Reiki Master for over a decade, and describes Reiki as a Japanese hands-on holistic healing technique that promotes deep relaxation and balancing of mind, body, and spirit. ….read more
Click to schedule in-person and phone readings with Chuck  Sat: 12-4
 Julia Knoll Astrology
Go beyond simple sun/moon/rising signs, and learn how you are a living reflection of the entire Zodiac! Julia provides astrology readings that are  pragmatic, non-judgmental, and delivered with a healthy dose of more
Click to schedule in-person, video chat, or email readings with Julia  1st and 3rd Sun: 12-7;
 W: 7-10pm (remote only)
 Magnolia Lace  Tarot 
Magnolia uses the Tarot as a way to validate the inner experiences of others, and processes them in a holistic manner that provides clients with unique and practical options on how to move forward through life with clarity and authenticity… read more.
On leave  On leave
 Moray Eki (Yi Ching)
Moray is a Natural Mystic who’s explored a myriad of traditions to navigate divine madness; and is interested in helping those seeking to effect change in their future. Known as the Yi Ching to most, the Eki is the Japanese term for the same system … read more.
Click to schedule in-person, phone or email readings with Moray Wed: 12-3, Fri: 12-2;
Sat: 4-7


If you are still not sure which reader is right for you, give the Eye a call at 612-872-1292.  We’ll match you up with a reader that’s right for you and for your schedule!  All of our readers have been vetted by the store owner and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

The Eye Tarot Readers on MPR

Minnesota Public Radio talked to an astrologer, a rune reader, and two of our Tarot Card Readers. Thraicie Hawkner and Chuck Boe were interviewed on the January 16th, 2009 edition of “In the Loop.” They are right near the beginning of the show, in the well, prognostication segment.

The Eye Tarot Reading Reviewed

Yes and Yes blogger wrote up a review of her Tarot experience at The Eye here: 30 New Things: Get My Tarot Card Read

If you wonder whether a reading is for you, and what it might be like, check out this article which was published by the by a reporter who decided to try it out for herself:

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Wonderful Services
I had my first Tarot reading, and it was wonderful. I have so much more insight into my job search and how my hunt is unfolding. I would recommend readings at The Eye to anyone looking for clarity. ~Douglas B

Just what we were looking for…
There were three of us plus a newborn baby, and we were all shocked at how dead on our readings were. We’re planning on returning before Thanksgiving w/ more family. ~Debra C

Visit to The Eye Metaphysical
I easily scheduled an appointment for a reading online and my session started in a timely manner. The reading was very professional, and direct which saved on time. All of my questions were answered and I left with a new awareness. ~Time well spent

ROCK Best time I’ve had in a bookstore in a LONG time. And I am in bookstores weekly! Great info nice staff and fabulous energy. I was referred by a friend and will be back. Often. ~DT