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Magnolia Lace – Tarot Reader

magnolia.jpegMagnolia (they/them/theirs) has been providing practical and intuitive Tarot readings through a body-positive, sex-positive, trauma-informed, queer, feminist lens since 2013. For them the Tarot is a tool for radical self-exploration, guidance, liberation and empowerment that takes the physical form of 78 cards. Magnolia uses the Tarot as a way to validate the inner experiences of others, and processes them in a holistic manner that provides clients with unique and practical options on how to move forward through life with clarity and authenticity.

Magnolia’s practice taps into collective intuition and exists to provide context on the here and now. The Tarot is a wonderful tool that can provide clarity around next steps in relationships, work, travel and life transitions. Any card in the Tarot is FOR you, not something that happens TO you and there are no “bad” cards. Each card is an invitation to evolve, heal and step into your Highest Self.

Magnolia identifies as a Pleasure Witch who is queer, trans, non-binary and has a background working in mental health, education and erotic arts. They are on the path of obtaining their license in Marriage and Family Therapy (LMFT) and have a special interest in combining mindfulness practices with Tarot.

They are available for in-person readings as well as email readings.

Please make an appointment by calling 612-872-1292 during business hours or check their availability online using this nifty button:

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Here are some of Magnolia's 5 Star Reviews:

"Beyond expectations. Magnolia was so intuitively lovely to work with - they had such a natural way of getting necessary background insight on what I was seeking and naturally moved into the reading... Their approach made it feel like an integrative, trauma-informed, therapeutic spiritual intervention. Thank you!"