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Lessons from the Empress by Cassandra Snow and Siri Vincent Plouff

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The Empress tarot card is the key to understanding how creative expression is the foundation of true self-care. Our authentic self, this abundant space, is not something we go find—it’s something we create. Lessons from the Empress will guide you on an exploration of the five phases of self-care: Major Arcana—spiritual self-care; the Wands—self-awareness; the Swords—self-expression; the Cups—self-love; the Pentacles—self-confidence.

In Lessons from the Empress, with the Empress as your guide, you’ll learn how to practice self-care and self-discovery in several ways:

  • See the Empress as a metaphor for your personal journey
  • Get in touch with who you are at your core
  • Take an active role in protecting your own well-being and happiness
  • Use easy-to-follow magical rituals, tarot spreads, and creativity exercises to embrace your true self and express that self to the world

“In Lessons from the Empress, authors Cassandra Snow and Siri Plouff have offered a unique and deep exploration of the tarot using the archetype of the Empress as your guide in your journey toward self-care and creative growth. As you move through the workbook, you'll find magical rituals, suggestions for self-care, unique Tarot spreads, and generous creative prompts, all woven together beautifully to support and nurture your spirit. The message here: be indulgent, make art, and let magic enter every area of your life! This is the book we all need in today's turbulent times." —Theresa Reed, author of Twist Your Fate

About the Authors:

Cassandra Snow is a professional tarot card reader and has practiced and studied magick for over fifteen years. She has a special interest in queer theory, history, and culture. Snow teaches classes on Queering the Tarot and Tarot for Beginners, and coaches new and intermediate tarot readers. She runs Gadfly Theatre Productions, a queer and feminist theatre company, and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Visit her at

Siri Vincent Plouff is the brain behind the radical Heathenry podcast, Heathen’s Journey. Siri runs several flagship teaching programs, such as the annual Witchcraft Immersion, which is a witchcraft apprenticeship program, and Radical Runes. They have been a practicing witch for nearly twenty years and have been reading tarot and runes professionally for six.