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Johnny G. – Harrow Oracle and Tarot Reader

johnnyg.jpgny Gayzmonic acquired his first tarot deck when he was only 12 years old. (He bought it with his birthday money, and Mom was not happy at all.) In the decades since, he’s refined his approach to card readings, using his deck as a tool for insight, advice, and a way of staying connected to the collective vibe of the universe.

While he has more tarot decks than he needs, Johnny’s deck of choice is often the Harrow oracle, a deck based in archetypes from fantasy literature, games, and mythologies from across the world. Johnny has developed a unique reading system designed around its symbols, structures, and history. With a more complex internal framework than most oracle decks, the Harrow is adept at showing all aspects of life in all its wonderful aspects…both positive and not-so-positive. (But don’t worry…Johnny has plenty of unique and creative tarot decks he can read you with, as well.)

Johnny’s aim with his readings is to give you the information you need to make informed choices that will help you achieve your goals. There are countless possible futures out there for you, and Johnny’s readings hope to give you the knowledge to get the one you’re hoping for. With a mix of spirituality, wisdom, myth, and pop culture, Johnny’s readings are full of humor, warmth, and advice delivered by centaurs (if you happen to get The Wanderer card in your spread, at least).

Johnny is one of the few people in the world who uses the Harrow as a divination tool, and he’s written extensively about it for The Eye! Check out the deep dives he’s done on each and every card in the deck!

Read what people are saying about Johnny’s readings:

Great Reading
“Had a reading done with Johnny. First time reading with him, he nailed & confirmed exactly what has been going in my life. I like to check-in on a regular basis just to confirm what my intuition is telling me or what I haven’t actually been paying attention to. Excellent readers and wonderful retail shop as well.”

Call 612-872-1292 or use our online scheduler to book your session with Johnny today.

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