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Email Readings with Johnny Gayzmonic (Tarot, Harrow Oracle)

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Johnny acquired his first tarot deck over 30 years ago. It was purchased with birthday money, and Mom was not happy. He's been studying the cards ever since. He uses his decks as a tool for insight, advice, and a way of staying connected to the collective vibe of the universe. Johnny views tarot as an art, and he sees each reading as its own story and song.

Johnny is one of the few people in the world who uses the Pathfinder Harrow Deck as a divination oracle. This deck is built off of fantasy and fable archetypes, able to transmit honesty through the fantastical. He also uses several tarot decks that reflect his personal style, as well. He believes that wisdom can be found in both ancient myth and modern life in equal measures, and if you ever want a tarot reading full of superheroes, 50's housewives, Greek gods, or anime heroines, he's your reader.

Johnny’s aim with his readings is to give you the information you need to make informed choices that will help you achieve your goals. There are countless possible futures out there for you, and Johnny’s readings hope to give you the knowledge to get the one you’re hoping for. With a mix of spirituality, wisdom, myth, and pop culture savvy, Johnny’s readings are full of humor, warmth, and advice delivered by centaurs (if you happen to get The Wanderer card in your spread, at least).