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Dragon's Blood Fragrance Oil - Pure Essential Oil House Blend - 1/2 oz

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Dragons Blood Oil has a smokey resinous scent that is slightly sweet and spicy. This is not the overly floral scent you find elsewhere. It is an earthy scent, with a touch of amber, vanilla, and a feeling of a deeply banked fire able to melt and transform, but in complete control.

Magickal Uses: Just think of the power and fire of a dragon. The planet for Dragon's Blood is Mars. Dragon's Blood Oil adds strength and power to magick and spells, aids in protection, adds potency to mojo bags, candles, amulets. Anoint any magickal tool. Dragon's blood is also used in sealing a pact or a promise. It is a great sealer for planned transformation.

This is a fragrance oil and can be worn directly on the skin. (Though as always, do a patch test before extended use)