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Cord Cutting Kit

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Handcrafted by The Eye

Reclaim your time and energy! Having trouble moving on from a past love? Feel like you’ve put too much of your energy into a person or situation that is no longer for your good? The Cord Cutting Candle Dressing Kit is one method of finding your agency! Make the moves you want to make and take charge of your future. This kit includes ritual instructions and a link to a detailed ritual demonstration video. 

Your Cord Cutting kit includes:

  • A Healing votive candle from Coventry
  • The Eye's exclusive Cord Cutting Oil, brewed with Clove and Juniper Berry essential oils with Black Walnut flower essence, blended in a body-safe almond carrier oil
  • Herbal blend of Yarrow flowers, Skullcap, Gentian Root, and Sumac Berries, intentionally crafted to mark the end of a chapter and move forward towards new beginnings
  • Red Cotton Cord to use in a cord cutting ritual