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Cassandra Snow – Tarot Reader

Cassandra Snow – Tarot Reader

cassandra-2.jpgCalling on over a decade and a half of witchcraft & psychic insight, Cassandra's readings are insightful, to the point, and full of reminders that YOU are in control of what happens next. Cassandra is equal parts frank, fun and compassionate. Their readings are accurate and their tarot knowledge ranges from traditional Pagan and occult information to up-to-the-minute modern ideas and retellings. They are as flexible and eclectic in their readings as they are in life, and can answer most questions you bring to the table. 

Cassandra is the writer of Queering the Tarot and Queering Your Craft: Witchcraft From the Marginsboth out not through Weiser books and will soon have a third title to add to that list! They've taught tarot and witchcraft classes here at The Eye and at The Future as well as in unexpected places like through public library systems, The Smitten Kitten and Rose Academy of Burlesque among other fantastic venues. 
Cassandra has been reading tarot cards for a decade and a half, and professionally so for about a decade. They got their tarot & witchy roots in the dirt in Asheville, NC through public classes and offerings via Coven Oldenwilde and Asheville Raven & Crone. Since moving to the Midwest Cassandra has been thrilled to primarily be associated with The Eye and The Future, though they are largely a solitary (but well-read, well-studied) practicioner now. 

Please make an appointment by calling 612-872-1292 during business hours or check their availability online using this nifty button:


Wonderful reading

I had my reading with Cassandra. They were extremely warm and empathetic in their energy. I immediately felt comfortable with them. And their reading felt very helpful. I recommend with all my heart.

Fantastic experience

[Cassandra] has been amazing in how they're able to read my cards so well. They're direct and tell me where the cards are showing problem areas but they are also kind in the process about the positive stuff they notice.