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Astrological Birth Chart (Natal Chart)

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Emailed via PDF. Please allow 2-3 business days.

An astrological birth chart, also called a natal chart, is a representation of what the sky looked like at the time of your birth. It shows which sign every planet was in relative to where you were when you were born. It shows all the energies and forces that came together to create you.

The birth charts we offer come with an extensive analysis, usually averaging between 20 and 25 pages, covering every aspect of life, love, career, and more. It shows you all the aspects of your personality and has suggestions on where to direct your energies. This chart can also be used by astrologers for readings on your current situation and possible futures.

The chart will be delivered to you via email as a PDF document. Please make sure you include all birth info in the provided box above. If you don't have the exact time of birth, please make the closest estimate possible. Please allow 2-3 business days for the chart to be produced and sent out.

Please note that this chart is just showing your personality, energies, and strengths; the sum of you based on your astrological profile. If you have specific question about your present situation or the future, please consider a reading with one of our astrologers.