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Angelica root, cut & sifted - Organic Angelica Archangelica

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Also known as masterwort, ground ash, holy ghost root, archangel root, dong quai, and root of the holy ghost.

We offer the Chips which can easily be used in incense, baths, sprinkled, or put in a flannel bag to carry with you.

Angelica Root is the herbal equivalent of a guardian angel. A sweet smelling root which works well in incenses, potourri, and any kind of herb work to bring in protective, angelic power. The Iroquois would infuse hot water with angelica root and, once cool, sprinkle on an area to clear out any unwanted spirits.

The sweetness of this root is said to sweeten relationships and smooth out misunderstandings, bringing good luck and health to the home.

It is also considered to be a protective talisman for women if carried in a pouch or purse, if they have experienced harassment of any sort.

Burn in an incense mix for exorcisms, healing and protection. Sprinkle as a ward or barrier around a home to keep out any stray harmful energies or direct magic.

CAUTION: Avoid if pregnant, this is a powerful herb.


  • Angels: Michael, Gabriel
  • Planet: Sun
  • Element: Fire
  • Goddess: Venus
Applications: Incense, herbal bath, loose sprinkle

Key Words: Guardian, Healer, Strength to Women

All herbs are sold as curios only, for external use.