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Agrimony Herb - Agrimonia Eupatoria - Organic

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Agrimonia Eupatoria also known as Cockleburr, Sticklewort, Burr Marigold, Garclive, Fairy's Wand, Church Steeples and more

Agrimony has such good energy, it is one of the few herbs which can help reverse a hex, curse or evil eye. As such, it is an excellent cleansing, calming, protective and healing herb.
Burn as an incense, or put a pinch or two of agrimony in a bundle and swipe over body to clear the aura and strengthen your Psychic Shield.
This herb can also be scattered to clear a sacred space. Make agrimony part of your healing altar, or use in a ritual bath for healing. It is said to strengthen any distance healing you might do.
Include Agrimony in a dream pillow if you need a quiet night without dreams or nightmares. This is one of the oldest uses recorded, according to an Old English rhyme:
If it be leyd under mann's heed,
He shal sleepyn as he were deed;
He shal never drede ne wakyn
Till fro under his heed it be takyn

  • Astrological Sign: Cancer
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Element: A‏ir
Applications: Herbal bath, incense, dream pillow, sachet, altar

Key Words: Banish, Cleanse, Protect, Heal

All herbs are sold as curios only, for external use.