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"Hex Twisting: Counter Magick Spells for the Irritated Witch" Book Launch and Workshop with Diana Rajchel

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Saturday, December 11, 2021
908 W Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Even if you're the most mild-mannered practitioner who sticks to personal development magick, you can still end up getting energetically attacked. Hex Twisting is the key to countering any curse or hex cast your way. Providing a variety of techniques to defend yourself, author Diana Rajchel shows you how to drive hurtful magick out of your home, trap malevolent spirits, and much more.

$40 for book and workshop; $30 for workshop only.

Space is limited, so register early. Masks are required for this event in order to remain accessible o as many as possible.

About the Instructor
Diana Rajchel is the author of Hex Twisting: Counter Magick Spells for the Irritated Witch and Urban Magick: a Guide for the City Witch. Rajchel lived in Minneapolis for 12 years, and developed much of the animistic understanding for city work that went into her book, and has a great love for the Twin Cities and the spirits that dwell there. She was involved with Pagan Pride and ran the Twin Cities Doctor Who Meetup before moving to San Francisco in 2014. She is a regular presenter at Paganicon. She now splits her time between San Francisco and Kalamazoo, Michigan. She runs a metaphysical problem-solving practice with her life partner Synty and her business partner Nikki, and co-owns Golden Apple metaphysical.